Thursday, June 12, 2014

For My Bestest Friend



For My Bestest Friend

by Tanyo

Friendship is something to hold on to
But for me that's not the case
Cause I don't feel I need to keep
Something that can't be erased

I am sure of what I have
Cause with you I have no doubt
For what we've built, can't ever fail
It's what I care about

I find it hard to describe
This thing that we share
Especially when there's nothing else
That ever could compare

Others always know
That together we will be
For there can never be another
"Wheng and Sherwin"

Those two words, known all over
Might as well be one
Cause without a Wheng, there is no Sherwin
I'm sorry, it just can't be done

For you're the "U", and I'm the "S"
And forever that will be
Cause together we make "US", and so

Your Attention Please (YAP)

This was requested to me (sometime on 2009) to create an invitation about our YAP program and this is how it goes:   :)

Your Attention Please (YAP)


Kelan mo naalalang nagsalita ka at pinahayag ang iyong nararamdaman?

Kung bored ka na ba? Delighted ka ba ? Disappointed or satisfied ka sa serbisyong natatanggap mo?

Kelan ka nanindigan sa alam mong iyon ang tama?

Kelan ka magsasalita?

Ayaw mo bang,  NOW  na!?  Makakatulong ka ng maaga, actually!

Your thoughts about our services definitely matter!

YAP GO!!!!  Ito na ang channel kung san ang freedom mo ay ramdam mo.
 Malaya mong mailalabas ang boses mo! Walang tama o mali! Maliit man yan o malaki! Positibo or negatibo man yan, Papakinggan kang talaga!  Whatever it is! May action agad ang concern mo!  

Please huwag ka ng mahiya! Ipadala mo na sa ang iyong komento at suhestyon na sa tingin mo’y makakatulong sa lahat.

Makibahagi ka, kaibigan! Let’s help and change our company for the better! Ipahayag mo kung ano dapat mabago at magkaroon sa ating proceso, sistema,  serbisyo  at dapat na resulta ng isang bagay.

Ok, para mas lalo kang ma enganyo, bawat valid  entry mo, panalo ka ng premyo!

Magmadali na! Nasa iyong kamay ang ikabubuti mo/natin!

Simulan na ang pagbabago! Isulong ang patuloy na pag – unlad!

Together we can say, YAP.. we definitely can!!!!


I was asked of this question way back year 2012: 

"Any insights in relation to your appointment as P.R.O of ASPLI?"

This is what I replied:

Being on this position in ASPLI this year, I give credit to my superior, Ms Lisette and co-workers in my department/division, for their non-stop encouragement and support towards me. It’s really an honor for me to represent Cocolife as PRO of ASPLI Board 2012 and being in the team as well, this will serve as an avenue for me to expand my horizon in our industry and at the same time being able to interact with the other members where we could share our views, enhance our knowledge and skills in customer service and thus reach our fullest potential as professionals. With this too, by sharing our experiences, we could come up and provide service improvements and transformations for better servicing to all our customers. As a PRO, I am tasked to promote the services and interests of ASPLI by encouraging more service professionals to join the association and I hope that I would be able to do my responsibilities in the board with flying colors. I’m looking forward indeed for a fruitful and productive stint in the organization.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Their Bangkok Trip experiences.....

My personal reply below of the complaint submitted by "TheTeamBangkok"

In a lighter  note:  I would just like to give my little cents into this matter. Here it goes!

Oh Guys! This is really so disheartening and pitiful! L

I never encountered this when I had my Thailand trip last April.
You know, My trip was awesome and indeed amazing!

I am really so sad  and so sorry knowing all your bad experiences.  
I wish I was there to  appease  you,  with all  the inconveniences that you had gone through.

So unfortunate! I guess,  that day, you were all destined to be of service by that aircraft and had to  encounter all these so you may learn something from it.

It’s good that you elevate your complaint  to the Cebupac Management.
We people, as an advocate of good  “Customer Service”, indeed deserve to experience a good Customer Service as well.

Let’s cross our fingers that Cebu Pac would hear your lament SO JUSTICE WOULD PREVAIL!








Dear Sir/Ma’am;

This is to report to you a VERY FRUSTRATING AND UTTERLY DISAPPOINTING experience with your Airline on our trip to Bangkok and back to wit:

MAY  23, 2014- Flight 5J 931 (Manila-Bangkok) – A delay of 30 minutes or an hour would have been forgivable.  But our experience is too much to take – being delayed by almost 3 hours from the scheduled flight!  Since we are all working professionals in Makati, we had to be on undertime on this date just to ensure that we arrive to NAIA Terminal 3 hours before our flight.   We all have to struggle to commute and hurry-up just to be sure we arrive on schedule – ONLY TO FIND OUT THAT THE SCHEDULED FLIGHT IS DELAYED BY 1 HOUR!  From the scheduled flight departure of 9:30pm, we are to be outbound by 10:30pm.  We have no choice but to wait – again only to find out that the new time of departure is ONCE AGAIN DELAYED BY ANOTHER HOUR!  We boarded by around 11:30PM – hungry and thirstly, not to mention tired and sleepy – after waiting for a couple of minutes more after re-fuelling.

After more than an hour of still waiting,lo and behold- they announced we are ready to board by 11:30 PM !!! We are at the airport hungry, thirsty and frustrated for almost 6 hours of waiting, isn’t it frustrating?! Considering that there are curfews in Bangkok at that time and we are wondering what will happen to us when we arrive this late.

We arrive in Bangkok past 1am tired (around 2:00AM Manila Time) weary, frustrated and worried that the hotel reservation will be cancelled since the hotel might apply their ‘no-show’ policy.  In effect, we will be carrying the burden of your inefficiencies!  Add to that the curfew being effected in Bangkok due to the recent political developments.

MAY 26, 2014-Flight 5J 932 (Bangkok-Manila) We are so hopeful that Cebu Pacific will do their best not to ruin our expectations this time given that we are in foreign land. We arrived at Suvanabhumi  International Airport four (4) hours earlier in our flight – as advised by the Philippine Embassy in their advisory and that it is just standard to be so.  We waited for the check-in counter to open so we can check-in our baggage, but lo and behold: the check-in counter opened almost an hour delayed – gave us an idea that AGAIN THE FLIGHT WILL BE DELAYED!

After checking-in our baggage, we get to have dinner and went straight to the boarding gate which is at the VERY END of the airport!   Upon reaching the gate, we checked on the monitor the status of our flight and once more, we got furious and frustrated knowing our flight will be delayed again for another hour !!!   When we boarded, it was around 2:00AM already!  Our patience was really getting thin by the minute.  Our final landing approach took almost an hour to land – because of ‘air traffic congestion’!  And the pilot even had the guts to blame the government for this congestion.  When we landed in Manila – around 6:00AM, we again have to wait by more than half an hour because parking problem.   We un-boarded and proceeded to the waiting CEB buses to take us to the arrival door – bur happened was we have to use the tube to get into the airport building!   Isn’t this just crazy and utterly stupid?  You have to know that we have foreigners with us – and these things are really embarrassing!

Everything is worse to worst!  We have to wait for almost 30 minutes for our luggage!   As a result, we got manage to get out by around 7:30 in the morning, and all of us had to report for work!  Talk about ineffiency!  Talk about timeliness!  Our vacation turned into a disaster just because of your ineptness!
We are planning to send this to all travel blogs, FB groups, networks  so just the people will know  how Cebu Pacific fair with other airlines.   But we are giving you the chance to explain to us and hear what your action plans are.  We do have the right to demand amicable settlement on damages done – emotionally and physically – as these are just our basic rights as your customers – being paid in full!

Hoping and anticipating your reply on this complaint.



Wednesday, March 5, 2014


YESTERDAY’S SCENE (03052014): It’s my turn to pay my items at Sm Supermarket, Makati. Found out my long brown wallet is missing. A lot of Sm gift checks were kept therein. OMG! Ok, my stupidity sometimes! I knew it I left it somewhere in Greenbelt 3 when I claimed muffins at #MrsFields. Almost 2 hours had passed already but Thank you so much to the honest crew #JIMMY, I got my brown wallet! Yehey! (I’m gonna cry!) You are such an HONESTO! Praying for more people like you. Ok, I spent my time of non-stop walking and my feet are really aching now. I can’t run anymore at the Circle! Lastly, I hate you Wheng for your free food treat! But I just couldn’t resist it! It’s free eh! Ouchy! I got bulging tummy again! (Sad!) But thank you still.

I Love Green!

Oh! I ♥ GREEN! Have a healthy greeny breakfast folks! #Thanks Ms Alyne Crispino for the Wheatgrass Drink! Yummy! ツツツ #Caesar salad from Mini-Stop is superb! It’s more tasty than CSalad @7/11 ツ lols Try it!

Happy Birthday Daddy!


As I was eating my lunch on my desk, a sort of a flying insect suddenly appeared and it made a circling motion on the sliced carrot cake that I was about to eat.  I got surprised and on impulse I did hit him hard ‘til he stopped breathing.  I didn’t want to be superstitious, but quickly I thought of my father.  Apparently, today would have been my dad’s 74th birthday. On the spur of the moment, I just missed him so much (got teary-eyed). If only he was just here now with us.

“Daddy, so many years ago you left us. That was a sad day for me and my siblings. More so, for Mama.  Years, yet it seems like just a short while ago I sat with you and we talked of our joys in life. I truly missed you Daddy. I know you’re always watching and looking down on us. Although you’re not around,  you are always in our  thoughts and never will stop praying for you. So today, I am sending birthday wishes to my angels upstairs, just for you. We miss you here on Earth, but, I know that one day we will be together again on a new journey. Happy Birthday Daddy! You are Forever in our hearts. We love you so dearly. See you in my dreams tonight!” ♥♥♥ツツツ